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Total H1B Visa Quota: 85,000 H1B Visa Quota for US Grads: 20,000
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Did You Know or DYK Icon Did You Know? For FY 2008, the entire cap limit was exhausted before the end of the first day the H1B visa applications were accepted (Apr 02, 2007).

Did You Know or DYK Icon Did You Know? It took 265 and 301 days in FYs 2010 and 2011 respectively, to reach the H1B visa cap limit. This lengthy duration was mainly due to the aftereffects of economic recession.

Did You Know or DYK Icon Did You Know? The H1B cap-exempt visas are sponsored by nonprofit organizations, government research organizations or institutions of higher education. They are unlimited in number and can be filed at any time of the year, and the employee can start working as soon as the visa is approved.

Did You Know or DYK Icon Did You Know? A US Master's or higher degree holder is first considered under the Masters’ Cap(20,000 reserved visas), and if not selected is considered under the Common Pool(65,000 total visas). Therefore, they get two chances to get picked up in the lottery!

Did You Know or DYK Icon Did You Know? More than one employer can file for an H1B visa for the same foreign national, therefore the employee can work for as many employers whose application is approved. This also helps in the case that the employee decides to switch from one employer to another(both applications approved), they don’t have to file an H1B transfer petition.

Did You Know or DYK Icon Did You Know? The H1B Visa Premium Processing Method never affects your chances in the lottery, it is just a faster method to get the results.

What is the H1B Visa Quota?

The H1B Visa Quota is the allocated number of H1B visas that are available and can be issued in a fiscal year(FY). This quota has a cap-limit that is determined by the US Congress.

The current H1B allocation is set to 85,000(Total Visa) = 20,000(US Grads with Masters or Higher Degrees) + 65,000(Common Pool i.e. International Professionals and Students).

If a US Grad’s application is not approved in the first 20,000, it is moved for consideration as a Common Pool application.

The H1B Extensions/Renewals, H1B Transfers, and H1B cap-exempt visas are not subject to the quota.

How does the H1B Quota work?

The US Congress determines the number of new H1B visas issued each year. This H1B quota is applicable in its particular financial year that starts on October 1.

The USCIS accepts the H1B visa applications for each FY. The H1B employers/sponsors can start filing the H1B visa applications April 1st onwards, and USCIS accepts them until a certain limit is reached for that FY.

What is an H1B Sponsor?

An H1B Sponsor is a Legally Registered US Corporation/Organization/Company that provides employment to a Foreign national and files an H1B work visa for them so that they can work in the US.
To Search for Employers who offer H1B Sponsorship according to job role and location in the United States, visit H1B Visa Sponsors

What are the H1B Visa Qualification Requirements?

The requirements and eligibility to qualify for an H1B visa are listed below. A candidate is required to meet any/only one of these criteria to be eligible.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree(at least 4 years) or Higher from an accredited University in US or a foreign country.
  • At least 12 years of progressive experience in their occupation.
  • A license to practice in their chosen occupation.
  • A total of 12 years with further education and work experience.
What are the ways in which an H1B application can be processed?

The H1B Visa applications can be filed by the Sponsor in two ways, depending upon how quickly they need the visa processed and approved. The ‘Regular’ Processing Method takes normal amount of time, whereas, the ‘Premium’ Processing Method is faster, with USCIS providing its decision within 15 calendar days. There is an additional $1,225 fee for Premium Processing.
However, the Premium Processing Method does not affect your chances of H1B Visa getting picked up in the lottery.

Number of days taken to reach H1B cap-limit (includes weekends & holidays)
FY Year # of Days
2004 184
2005 184
2006 132
2007 56
2008 3
2009 7
2010 265
2011 301
2012 237
2013 72
2014 5
2015 7
2016 7
2017 7
  • https://www.uscis.gov/